Engagement Photos at Belcarra Park

When Fred and Wilma suggested we meet for engagement photos at Belcarra Park, I had to check google to make sure it was 1) a real place and 2) within driving distance.  How have I never been here? Not only is it very very real, it’s remarkably close to all my favourite haunts and yet such a pristinely unique location!  The park overlooks the Burrard Inlet with fun views of Burnaby across the water.  Add in the gloriously vivid autumn colours and discovering this place absolutely made my week!

(Note to those who may know these two in real life: don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten their names! =D They’ve simply requested I use their nicknames when showcasing their photos online.)

Spending an afternoon creating engagement photos at Belcarra Park with these two was absolutely a stitch.  Especially because Fred had one of those larger-than-life personalities that unabashedly steals the show . . . and makes his girl laugh hysterically! I’m eagerly looking forward to their wedding (hours from when I’m posting this!) for many reasons, not the least of which is seeing how well Fred centers his Wilma and how marvelously complimentary they are in personality. You’re going to rock this marriage thing, guys! =D

One minute it was all belly laughs and the next minute it was an intimately love-filled tender moment; the breadth of their relationship personality is, as the cool kids say, #goalz.

Not pictured: the moment that I squatted too deeply into the water and definitely stuck my bum in frigid salt water. The next four hours of my life were less than comfortable.

With a quick transition from casual to elegant, Wilma showcased her breathtaking greenery bouquet from Floralista while we marveled at her lacey formal gown (apparently off a clearance rack, if you can believe it!)

This patch of blue blue blue water made me think of a tropical location. . . until I felt my numb fingers and remembered the harsh reality of October in British Columbia. 😉

Happy almost Wedding Day, you guys! =D

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