Cultus Lake Engagement Photos

Cultus Lake Engagement Photos are my new favorite. While I’m pretty sure I say that about every new location (like Belcarra Park, Pitt Lake, Golden Ears) but every time it’s wholly true: I love my little Fraser Valley piece of earth and am so enamored by the wide variety of beauty it offers, especially when the sunset gives us perfect golden hour like this!

When I met with Candice to discuss the possibility of engagement photos, we sat in Starbucks sipping our drinks and planning the highly probably logistics of a rainy day photo shoot. I mean, NOVEMBER kinda equals rain around here! (If you haven’t seen my favorite rain engagement photos or my rainy day wedding photos now’s your chance: rain is inevitable when you’re planning Fraser Valley engagement photos in the fall, but it doesn’t have to be miserable!)

After all the pep talks and contingency plans, WOULD YOU TAKE A LOOK AT THIS SUNSET?!

Not a cloud in the sky made my light-loving soul happy, of course, but these two and their energetic love for one another would have been infectiously radiant on even the most gloomy of days.   Travis made sure to cherish his bride-to-be as he helped her across rocky terrain, trekked across the field to minimize her steps back to the car, and basically made sure to love Candice well even during a photoshoot. It’s one of the best parts of being a photographer of relationships, this peek into a relationship and helping a couple remember this season in all its glowy, giddy, gooey glory.

(P.S. I stood in the water and kicked for this shot. No cameras were harmed in the process, though as I took the photo I questioned my sanity and stability. :-P)

Candice and Travis met five (six?) years ago at a party and they navigated a long distance Quebec-to-BC relationship for the first season of their togetherness. Being able to successfully navigate those complexities (long distance, man! it’s tough!) and stick it out anyway is only just one of the pillars of strength in their relationship.  Watching these two tease, laugh, joke was a stitch…but their ability to spin on a dime into warm, affectionate, tender moment was inspiring and beautiful.

Travis proposed at this very dock a year ago, so it was only necessary that we come back here for their Cultus Lake engagement photos. I love incorporating sentimental locations into engagement photos — choosing a meaningful location makes the photos that much more cherish-able!

Cultus Lake engagement photos

ISN”T SHE STUNNING?! (Candice! Seriously, so beautiful.)

Also: a lake that has fog in the late afternoon?! Such a perfect day.

Candice and Travis brought their pup along for the Cultus Lake engagement photos fun and it was the best — I will unabashedly admit that I am more a cat lady than a dog person, but when puppies are this well behaved and photogenic, I may be eventually turned into a fan. (For the record: you won’t see many photos of my cats because they are the worst at modelling.)

Cultus Lake engagement photos

Cultus Lake engagement photos


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