Pitt Lake Engagement

Pitt Lake Engagement Photos are fast becoming my favorite way to celebrate love, adventure, and epic British Columbia scenery.  (As proof: this is not my first Pitt Lake engagement photo session this year and I imagine it will not be my last. <3)  Between the mountainscape, the lakefront, the bog, the field, the green: I love Pitt Lake. Add in the beautiful Rachel & handsome Jared and how much they enjoy being with one another, Pitt Lake engagement pictures are the bomb.

Pitt Lake engagement photos

I mean, LOOK AT THAT DRESS! Rachel, you’re beautiful. and you chose an impressively gorgeous dress!

Take a peek at how cooperative the wind is . . . and how fabulous these two are at putting up with my ridiculous requests. (It was obviously worth it, though, right?!)
Pitt Lake engagement photos

I like to think I’m funny. Check out that laugh!

Pitt Lake engagement photos

After I delivered these Pitt lake engagement photos to Rachel & Jared, they gave me two of the best compliments EVER: 1) that even though they were nervous before the shoot, they felt completely at ease once we started and 2) that even though they’re picky about how they look in photos, they love how they look in these.

First: my goal in every shoot is absolutely to make sure my couples have FUN and never wonder what’s happening next.


Pitt Lake engagement photos

The added fun of this Pitt Lake Engagement Photo session is that I brought along Twinsy Media for a behind-the-scenes video of Jennifer-at-an-engagement-shoot. . . so major props to Rachel & Jared for being able to look, act, and BE this cute in front of not only a photographer but a couple of videographers, too!  Way to be awesome, you guys!

(And just wait until I show you what Meghan and Nicole created for me and of me. It’s amaaazing.)

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