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For Betty-Ann and Mitch’s Abbotsford engagement photos, we explored one of my favoritest parks (there’s SO MANY!) and walked the Douglas Taylor Park trail exploring and photographing and laughing (though, admittedly, the jury is still out: were they laughing with me or at me?). The highlight, though, came near the end of our time together when we chased the sunset, jogging up the trail and gasping into position for the most stunning, sky-wide, pinked sunset. I can’t imagine a better way to end our time together than OHMYWORD THAT SKY! (Though…ummm….note to future brides: warn me if you have plans after our scheduled session, because I may just start having so much fun I completely lose track of time!) 😛

She found me on Instagram, sent a D.M. within a week of getting engaged, and booked me a few days later. Proving the power of social media, it turns out we have several mutual friends (hi, Shelley! :-P) and over the course of our time together the connections became even stronger (went to church with friends, taught the children of other friends, and knows several of my husbands’ childhood chums) . . . basically, my time with her helped solidify a theory I’ve been working on for several months: Abbotsford is a tight-knit community, and after five years in town I am finally/excitedly a part of the puzzle. I love how beautifully small the world is, even though I’m only just starting to see it first-hand for myself.

Betty-Ann and Mitch have a friendship for the history books — one of those relationships that leave no doubt in the mind of the casual observer that “wow, this is gooood.” I saw it within a few moments of meeting them in the parking lot of Park. Somewhere between their easy communication (whether they read each others’ minds or not, I don’t care: they anticipated perfectly each others’ needs) and the way they easily settled into conversation while snuggling together, I saw both an affection and a tenderness that made me even more excited to photograph their wedding later this year. 

Abbotsford engagement photos never looked so gooooood.Abbotsford engagement photos

And that sky! That SKYYYYY!

Let me say it again: THAT SKY!Abbotsford engagement photos

Bring it, Betty-Ann! You’re so gorgeous!

Look at that natural, comfortable, happy love.  Abbotsford engagement photos Abbotsford engagement photos

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