Engaged: Troy and Stephanie

When I hung out with Troy and Stephanie, I found out that I’m bossy. Me? Bossy? Sheesh. What a wonderful, spectacular revelation. Gotta love it.

And the worst part? Troy was only sharing what our mutual friend Ray (and the groom in one of last summer’s wedding) had warned him about me.

What a greeeat reputation you’ve built for me, Ray. Just greeeat. Thanks. Seriously.

Naw, I’ll forgive Ray eventually.

And as to Troy and Stephanie…they were way too much fun. Despite the fact that Troy would never smile (ha!) and kept trying to hide his eyes with his sunglasses (hm), they obliged all my requests and crazy notions with amazing patience.

(By the way: its only because of a certain someone’s lack of cooperation that I have to be “bossy” — if that’s what we have to call it. Just saying.)

Their wedding in October is going to be a blast. I was already excited, but especially so when I heard some of the design ideas Stephanie has for her big day. Lets just say the colors are grand…and the guy’s outfits are going to have a spectacular twist that will be waaay too much fun. (Do we reeeally have to wait another six months?!)

And that, my friends, is what I did one afternoon at Tanglewood Park with Troy and Stephanie. =)

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