Stanley Park Engagement Photos

Stanley Park engagement photos with Vince & Rachel was especially fun because we finished our session at the very spot where Vince proposed six months ago. How romantical is that?!

Stanley Park has everything: cityscape, ocean, forest, sunset, beach.  So much variety, though, comes with challenges. Like when you can’t remember exaaaccctly which beach you proposed on. 😉  Here’s to Google Maps, it’s satellite view, and Facebook location tagging. 😛

Thankfully, though, the most beautiful beach is the one where Vince proposed in January. stanley park engagement photos

See what I mean by variety?!  Vince & Rachel were troopers to wander through the haunted (my words, not theirs 😛 — there was something straaange about that corner of urban wilderness) forest in the name of beautiful Stanley Park engagement photos. 

Pssst. This is NOT a selfie. 😉 Vince was marveling at the ease of having me as self-appointed paparazzi after five years of selfie-documented relationship, demonstrating how they normally take photos. Bahahahaa.  Are they cute or what?!

My word, you guys! You’re so adorable!

I love a couple that laughs together.  These two? They know how to laugh!stanley park engagement photos stanley park engagement photos

Thanks for being fantastic, you guys. I had so much fun and cannot wait for your wedding next year!

P.S. Are you planning a 2018 wedding, too? I have a wedding planning guide that I think you’ll love!

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