Engaged: Bradley and Jill (Leesburg, VA Engagement) Part 2

I wiped the sweat out of my eyes and felt it dripping down my back. Standing next to the Potomatc River in the closest-thing-to-a-rain-forest-in-Northern-Virginia,  I listened to her tell me about his letters and swatted away a mosquito.  We left the river walked back up the hill, chasing the sunlight (I wanted the promised ice cream from fairies and unicorns if I got the sun just right) . .  . and listening to more of their incredible story.

At least, I knew it was going to be incredible. A man who wrote letters throughout their entire relationship? How was he going to propose to the girl he loves?

He took her on an Easter egg hunt. Yes, Easter egg.

Inside each egg was a note about a  memory they’ve shared . . . and a quality about her he cherished from that memory.

[She interrupted his story telling fun…”I so knew it was going to be a proposal, but then it was over and then it was time to move on to the next activity and there was no proposal. So I assumed I was wrong.”]

But then, with the camera recording (he had set it up under the disguise of taking a snap shot of themselves at one of her favorite places in her hometown), he produced the Golden Egg and … there it was … the proposal …

Oh yes. He done did it goooood.



So after reading letters and playing base ball, we had one more stop to make: downtown Leesburg.

We hadn’t even made it to my planned location yet, and Jill stopped still. She gasped. And giggled.

“Its our song!”

“Can we pleeeease dance to our song?”

So there they were.
On the side of the road.
In the middle of downtown traffic.
In a back alleyway next to a restaurant with live music.
To their song.

Yup, I cried. It was beautifulness.

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  1. Did you cry there or later when you looked through the pictures? ‘Cause I know you experience it differently than people not behind the camera… 🙂 Just curious.

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