2013: The Engagements

Picking a “favorite” photograph or a “favorite”  type of session is, in my opinion, akin to picking a “favorite”  child or “favorite”  sibling: ill-advised.  However, as far as stress-free, love-filled, happily-photographed sessions go, engagement  sessions could easily be my favorite.  I love having a leisurely schedule to meander a city with two people who are excitedly planning a wedding, reveling in each other, and joyously anticipating all that life will bring them.   I become paparazzi, documenting a favorite date for a couple of love birds.  I walk city streets, navigate cow pastures, play with chalk, watch an ocean sunset, explore a new town, sip tea or coffee, and photograph the adventures along the way.    Pretty much the best combination of activities EVER, and 2013 had immense amounts of fun. =)

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