Lighthouse Park Engagement Photos

I don’t want to jinx it for the rest of my spring photo sessions, but I have had nothing but sunshine for TWO MONTHS — in our typically rain-soaked British Columbia, this is a magically joyful reality!   (However, being drenched by rain two months ago was a wildly fun adventure engagement session and I don’t regret it one bit. =D)

Lighthouse Park engagement photos was the most brilliant idea.  Patty and Trevor requested this spot and since I had only been here once before (and a rushed visit, at that!), I was stoked to be able to explore the park a bit more. That backfired, though, when I hiked all the way down to the beach before they arrived and then huffed and puffed my way back to the parking lot to meet them. It’s not hiking season yet and apparently I need to work on my fitness levels still. 😛

Not only does Lighthouse Park engagement photos mean a rugged shoreline and magical lighthouse, it also means stereotypical British Columbia evergreen forests AND impressively dramatic rock formations.  Basically, this is my new favorite location…ridiculous traffic fluctuations notwithstanding. 😉

There’s a lot to love about Patty and Trevor, but in my time with them I especially adore the way they laugh with (and at! :-P) one another while appreciating the unique/quirky/fun that is them — humor is such a valuable key to success in relationships and these two have got that nailed down.

Of course, any couple willing to embrace the windy chaos of this coastline is not only destined for success in relationship but also destined for success in life — standing on the rocks being buffeted by the wind kind of felt like an analogy for life. We never really know when the next gust is going to push us, but we might as well enjoy the scenery anyway.

One of my favorite parts of this session was listening to Trevor tell the story of their first date (it involved coffee AND a long walk by the beach AND a couple very funny stories of how awkward it is to go on a first date!) but my absolute favorite part was hearing how much care and detailed joy he put into the proposal.

It involved choosing a ring with a community of help (I think it was two – maybe three – friends involved?!), tracking down exactly the right diamond all over the lower mainland, a blunt conversation with Patty’s dad asking for permission, a weather-cancelled attempt at Christmas lights, and then a cozy conversation in the freezing rain until an umbrella in the dark.

While it may not have been the sparkling romance he originally dreamed for Patty, I think this is the better story for telling on the front porch of a nursing home someday: “I remember that time we went on a walk in the rain after dark and I was so confused by what he was doing. But then he proposed. And it was the best walk in the rain I can ever imagine.”


As a further testament to how much Trevor loves Patty: CHECK OUT THAT LOOK!

Since these guys love to laugh, here’s a couple of my favorite outtakes. I cracked up. So hard.


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