Engaged: Kelsey and Sean [Stanley Park Engagement]

Blissful anticipation with a healthy dose of  reality, that’s what they were.  Two weeks before their wedding, Kelsy and Sean’s spent an evening with me as we meandered Vancouver’s sidewalk.  With a suppressed by palpable excitement,  they walked back into the hotel where Sean proposed earlier in the year.  They laughed over memories from their almost-engaged days,  they wandered the lounge where they’d dined in celebration, they pointed out their favorite artwork fixtures.  The Shangri-La Hotel  in downtown Vancouver will be a forever special place as they navigate their life together, and it was with many thanks to the staff that we spent a few minutes reliving those memories.

A few minutes later, after she’d traded her stilettos-and-dress for wedged-booties-and-jeans, Kelsy showed her adventurous  side  by scrambling straight up a wooded hill… with Sean cautiously staying right behind her, making sure he would be there to catch her if the hill gave way.

In that mix of romance & adventure with devoted care &  laughter, Sean and Kelsey have found their story of love and together gladly mixed. Happy wedding-day!

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