Engaged: Heather and Aaron

It was the sweetest of things. Aaron grabbed Heather and pulled her close — knowing full well, of course, that the camera was watching him. I think he was trying to show off. He had claimed her. Wooed her. Sent yellow roses. Put a ring on her finger. Made her happier than seemed possible. And now, he wanted to show it off. Watch out, world! Check out what I can do.

“Oh, honey! You missed!” Heather giggled. (But, let the record show: she glowed.)

“What?!” Aaron wasn’t teasing here. He had laid claim and she was just giggling. I think he was a little confused.

“That was my nose, not my lips!”

(Personally, I hope he figures out the difference before their June wedding. Just saying.)

When I showed up at Heather’s house before we started shooting, she had one box of shoes, one box of accessories, a pile of shirts, and three dresses…all waiting for my “expert” opinion and “executive” decision. I made something up and hoped it would be beautiful. When she pulled out three makeup bags of lipstick and asked me to choose a color, though, I almost dealt with an emotional meltdown. Lets just say that suddenly I felt like something less than an expert; the options were way overwhelming, even for the usually decisive me.

P.S. Instead of calling me bossy — like Troy and Jeremy both did — Aaron complied admirably; his wife-to-be, however, called me “adorably weird.” I choose to take this as a compliment.

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  1. So, Jennifer….I've already been thinking about hiring you to come take my engagement/wedding photos (after that unknown man shows up and woos me…), but I think that black and white shot with their shadows on the wall may have sealed the deal. These are fabulous Jen!!!!

  2. Wow. Amazing.

    They radiate love. Beautiful.

    (I also admire how the colors turned out, wardrobe and background.)

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