Engaged: Amanda and Jeremy

In a perfect world, I’m able to scout out locations for a shoot, evaluate lighting, choose any props, visualize poses before showing up to meet my friends for a shoot. However, I don’t always live in a perfect world. (No duh!) But, in a beautiful world, the bride knows exactly what she wants and picks out locations, outfits, and props that reflect her, her groom, and their life together.

When I met up with Amanda and Jeremy for their engagement pictures, it was the first time I’d seen them as a couple. (Not ideal, I know, but that’s what I get for living a couple hundred miles away from them.) My perfect little world was rudely interrupted by unknown terrain, a never-before-visited town, and a tight schedule on a busy weekend.


[drumroll please]

Amanda. is. amazing.

She not only picked out the most beautiful, photogenic – and meaningful – locations that I can possibly imagine, but she also chose outfits that reflect them perfectly, brought the dogs along for pictures, and kept poor Jeremy quite cooperative (its not always the easy life, living in front of the camera; even I know that).

Oh, and their wedding is going to be amazing. It involves and outdoor ceremony, family heritage, farm life, and one amazing bride (and her groom, of course).

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