Engaged: Stephen and Amanda

She was having trouble with her car. And since its more than a little important (work… church…friends…groceries …) it was majorly on her mind when she sat down on the couch after dinner with a group of friends. The gang was all there still, and she was chatting it up…trying to forget the car……but…still…the car was a worry. She couldn’t get it off her mind.

Then it happened.

In conversation.

With Stephen.

She happened to mention that she was hearing strange noises in her car and would have to find a mechanic soon.

(Stephen, by the way, had slighted her earlier in the evening by refusing to carry on small talk before dinner.)
(Stephen was finally talking to her. Itsabouttime.)
(Stephen happens to be really really talented with all things mechanical.)
(Stephen happens to use his talent to serve others.)

And the chivalrous guy that he is decided to help this poor girl and fix her car.
Amanda’s car.
For her.
As an excuse to spend time with the gorgeous girl he’d known of for five years,  but never befriended.
As the beginning of a forever-and-ever-and-ever relationship.

It all began with a Honda.

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