Engaged: Stephan & Brittany [Vancouver Engagement]

It’s routine.  He walks to the car with her, leading the way.  Because he’s half a stride ahead of her,  he is there just in time to hold open her car door and help her get settled on the passenger side.  By the time he makes it around to the driver’s side door, she’s buckled in and ready to go.

“Where are we headed?”

“The Gambie Bridge.”

And so started the adventure.

“We’ve learned how to do this,” Stephan explained. “She’s my GPS.  She gives me directions, I follow them.”

“Wait, she *IS* the GPS or she *works* the GPS?”  This needed clarifying.

“No, she IS the GPS.”

And that’s all it takes.  He has the ultimate destination in mind, she knows how to get there.  He has control of the car, she gives the step-by-step direction.  When traffic builds,  he weaves through it like a pro and she calculates an alternate route…in her head. It is teamwork at its finest, collaboration in its true beauty. A relationship solid in mutual trust, learned balance, and well-practiced communication.  As they navigate Vancouver, explore British Columbia, and embark into the many adventures that marriage will bring them,  it’s a necessary skill set . . . and they’ve nailed it.

Last month, Vancouver launched a “Keys to the Street” initiative for the community.  There are four pianos situated throughout the city, available to play and enjoy throughout the summer.  During our exploration,  we found one of the pianos and entertained the passing pedestrians.  Quite perfect, too, since Brittany is a proficient musician.

And then it was down to Spanish Banks to watch the sunset, play in the water, and explore the woods.   Isn’t this city beautiful?!

P.S.  The move from North Carolina, U.S.A. to British Columbia, Canada is complete and I’m open for business in the Lower Mainland!  Want to know why I came to BC? Well, I went to Africa and met a Canadian and became a bride and roadtripped across the continent with my husband. Simple enough, eh?  =)

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  1. Yet again, you’ve caught the essence in photo and story telling. The Canadian is coming out in you too, eh?

    Beautiful scenery! plus terrific timing with the rider blurred passed your object, not in front of!!

    You might need an answering service! <3

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