Stanley Park Engagement Photos

Stanley Park engagement photos have become one of my Vancouver favourites.  With scenery in dramatic variety, a forest carpeted in ferns, a skyline to die for, and opportunity for the most glorious sunsets, Stanley Park engagement photos never disappoint.

On a winter afternoon with Amy and Brendan, we had the perfect weather. No rain, only moderate chill, and an unlikely sunset.

Ferns are one of my favorite things here in BC. As a perfect corner of pacific northwest beauty, a carpet of ferns made for the most magical scene.  (Who else wants their photos here?! I’ll take you!)

Isn’t Amy’s hair just divinely beautiful?!

This above photo is one of my favourite engagement photos EVER. I love the movement, the mood, the ferns.

We could have called it a successful shoot after our fifteen minutes in the fern forest but Stanley Park has so many wonderful places to explore so we kept on going!

With skyline views and the lighthouse majesty and the mountainscapes, Stanley Park engagement photos offer unbelievable variety!  

Are these two cute or what?!

On such a cloudy, gray, January day, the odds of a colorful sunset were astronomically low.  But check out what we had: a colorful sunset.

A little photobomber for good measure. . . =D

I cannot wait to celebrate with Amy & Brendan at their wedding this summer. It’s going to be an amazing day! You guys are awesome, and don’t you forget it!

I love Stanley Park engagement photos and I’d loved to photograph your Vancouver engagement session!  Email me!

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