Engagement Photo Locations

The options for engagement photo locations in the Fraser Valley  are limitless. And I do mean limitless. How on earth will you ever narrow it down?

Living in the corner of paradise that is the Fraser Valley, your first task is to decide style of location. If you’re a stiletto-loving, skirt-wearing type then a mountain vista won’t be for you. If you are claustrophobic inside the city limits, then a brick-filled urban setting isn’t the best option.

Engagement Photo Location Styles

  • Urban
    • Downtown cityscape
    • Suburban urban
  • Nature
    • Mountain
    • Valley
    • Beach

After you’ve narrowed down your choice to urban or natural, identify the sentimental places of your relationship. Where did you meet? What was your first date? Where do you go when you have nowhere else to go? Where did he propose? Choosing a place that is meaningful will allow your engagement photos to be filled with that much more bliss.

Engagement Photo Location Ideas
I have created a Pinterest board of some of my favourite local locations, but the options are simply endless in the Fraser Valley. It’ll be ultimately up to you to identify where you’ll be happiest and most comfortable.

Crescent Beach

Lindeman Lake

Stanley Park

On your university campus

Hiking Elk Mountain

At a local shopping mall

Inside a Favourite Museum

Granville Island

In your Backyard

Aside from providing you with beautiful, emotion-rich portraits in a casual setting, engagement sessions allow you to get to know your photographer before the big day. Knowing what to expect and feeling relaxed in front of the camera are critical for photographic success on your wedding day. Engagement sessions, too,  are the time for you and your beloved to show your inner selves, your love for one another, and your favorite outfits in a relaxing and enjoyable environment. But, most importantly, engagement photos are a way to have fun!

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