Anniversary Photos at Highstreet

2016-05-13_0004   Sarah & Joel giggled as they thought about their very first meeting ten years ago; the joy and the awkward, the silly and the cute, the newfound like and the maturing love. Anniversary photos during my friend appreciation party at Highstreet were definitely not as awkward as they describe their very first meeting. 😉  In fact, ten years of relationship sure does look good on them!2016-05-13_0007 2016-05-13_0006 2016-05-13_0005  2016-05-13_0003 2016-05-13_0002 2016-05-13_0001

The cashier at Wal-Mart, the bank teller, the other shoppers, the lady in line boarding the airplane.  I tend to talk to everyone I meet.  Not so much because I love to talk (I do, but that’s not the only reason) but because I have purposed to be spreading smiles and want to treat every person I meet as the valuable human they are.

Talking to a stranger in the Sears Dressing Room reminded me of the beauty of a long-lasting love and the joy of celebrating marriage every. single. day.

She was shopping alone and needed advice.   So we helped her, my friend and I.  We helped her choose the best black sweater in the store. The lady was smiling with sad eyes, eyes that had re-lived her 80-ish years many times in regrets and sorrow and joy and love.

“I don’t want you to feel sad for me,”  she said, “But I am trying to find an outfit to wear for my husband’s funeral.”

In a dressing room surrounded by discarded clothes and curious strangers we hugged on her, prayed with her, listened to her.  Despite the sorrow, her eyes sparkled with gratitude each time she said her honey’s name, each time she referenced the many years they’d enjoyed together.

“I do love him so.”



I celebrate so wholeheartedly Sarah & Joel’s anniversary photos and rejoice in how deeply they love one another and how happy they are to have found one another.

No matter a one year anniversary or a ten year anniversary or a fifty year anniversary, love is beautiful.

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