Engaged: Ben and Abbey

All day, I was nervously watching the weather. First there was a 30% chance of rain. Then a 90% chance. It dropped to 75% before rising to 100%.

The odds weren’t exactly in my favor.

As I left Kernersville, the rain was literally coming down in bucket loads. We’re talking the proverbial “raining cats and dogs.” Textbook edition.Traffic slowed from 70mph to a whopping 40mph. My windshield wipers couldn’t keep up. My heart sank. I did NOT want it to rain. It’s a valid question that inevitably comes up at each and every client meeting and client conversation: “What do you do if it rains? Can we go ahead and schedule a rain date?” Like I said. VERY valid question. I am an on-location photographer and it requires weather cooperation. Fundamental requirement is that it doesn’t rain.

(Granted, as an aside: My personal triumph when it comes to weather-and-photography is when I did a bridal portrait in the rain … and the bride stayed dry. If I can say it myself…I haz talent. :-P)

But as I headed south, the sun came out. Then the clouds lifted. Then the rain started again. And then it stopped. But the clouds stayed. And – finally – as I pulled into Abbey’s family’s property, the sun broke through and it turned into a perfect picture afternoon. (I think the weather was dealing with a mood swing. It was a teenager who couldn’t decide whether to be grumpy, happy, mad, or excited.)

This was going to be good. Real. Real. Good.

Ben didn’t actually complain. Not to me, anyway. Abbey warned me he wasn’t exactly excited about being in the spotlight. I don’t blame him. I don’t always like it, either. But no matter how much he loathed my camera, he didn’t let it affect his gentle love for his girl; once his girl was by his side, and with his arm around her shoulder, he loosened up. He was happy. He (might have) even enoyed it. The smile came easily – no forcing a grin, no saying “cheese”, no intimidating photographer (its me, afterall, I do NOT bite!).

I loved that moment. Watching how he went from a reluctant model to a contented fiancé.

He had his girl by his side.
And all was right in the world.

That’s what love is. At the most fundamental level. In the most real way. A ridiculously adorable fact. The beautiful truth.

With his girl by his side, all was right in the world.

(Even with the camera pointed at him.)


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