Grouse Mountain Engagement Photos

Grouse Mountain engagement photos remains one of my all-time-favourite destinations.  It’s wilderness in the city, forest in civilization, and adventure without much effort.  Bonus points for the way its a short eight minute gondola ride from Vancouver’s rainy winters to the mountaintop’s winter wonderland. 😉


I’ve photographed several couples for Grouse Mountain engagement photos and every time I do it’s better than the time before.  One time it was foggy, another time it was pitch black through the whole session, and one time we basically photographed through a blizzard.  (The snowy Grouse Mountain engagement photos was especially an adventure because I was 8 months pregnant and fell into a snowbank up to my thigh. I laughed so hard I could barely get out. :-P)

Jesse & Madison’s Grouse Mountain engagement photos were especially amazing, though, for two reasons: 1) their wedding will be up here in exactly one year and 2) the weather was perfect! we got a wave of fog, a blast of sun, and a whole lot of mild temperatures!

Plus, any couple that wants to play in the snow? Now THAT is what I call a good time!

I am SO EXCITED for these two and their wedding next year and all the snowy fun it will be!

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