Engaged: Sara and Ashley


He cared. O yes, he cared.

He cared when she walked onto the grass; he held her hand to help her balance in those fabulous heels.

He cared when a bug started buzzing around her; he swatted it away.

He cared when she was updating her hair style; he took an iPhone picture of her beauty.

He cared when she maneuvered to the rocks, teetering; he caught her as she swayed.

He cared when they were posing for the camera; he wasn’t just posing — he was holding his girl.

He cared. O yes, he cared.



But – o – thats what makes their love so beautiful.  They care.

They care about each other, for each other, and with each other.

Their love is deep. Its real. But its also practical.

He doesn’t just love her — he shows her his love.

In many ways.

Every day.

All along life’s highway


Many thanks to Lydia over at Ever Ours for featuring this on her blog today. =)



Huge thanks to Ashley of Bella Upstyles for coming along and keeping everything perfect on such a muggy evening in North Carolina summer. She haz skillz!

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  1. Wow! I love the outfits, the makeup, the hair, the outfits, the poses. Did I mention the outfits were great?

    These photos turned out so well. Your work is definitely something to be proud of Jenni!

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