How many of us have ever felt like a failure? What about fearful, do any of us battle fear? Oh, and my personal favorite: insecurity.  Anyone insecure?

The ladies nodded, self-consciously and cautiously.  No one wanted to be the first one to acknowledge insecurities and fears but eventually we all admitted what I assumed: we are ALL susceptible to battling failure, fear, insecurity. 

I have to (fairly constantly) remind myself that: “If God is for [me], who can be against [me]?”  and “In all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.”

Conquerors, victorious, created in His image. Cliche? Yes. Truth? Absolutely.

At the #ALittleLightPanelMixer organized by Shawna and Rae at Old Hand Coffee in Abbotsford, I had the privilege of talking with four ladies who are using their online platforms as a way to share God’s love and its impact in their lives.

Prior to meeting Stefanie, Kim, Louise, and Lynelle, I browsed stalked their online platforms for glimpses into the world of these four successful, competent, beautiful women.  From remarkable loss, intense insecurity, deep pain, crushing failure, I saw  lovely women sharing hope and living victoriously.

Talking with them in person? I am encouraged.


Although we may never actually “arrive” at that coveted, mythological pinnacle of “adulthood” and all of its (supposed) competent securities, when I grow up I want to be like these four.

Lynelle reminded me that it would be a shame if I wasted the gifts He’s given me.
Louise stuck a proverbial finger to my chest when she  reminded me us: Don’t stress about numbers. Just focus on community.
Kim so pithily challenged me to “Be bold!” and to just take a step (or two or three) outside of my comfort zone and inside of God’s strength.
Stefanie chronicled her journey into online authenticity and encouraged my soul to be willing to be real — even when it’s scary to be vulnerable.

We twenty-five ladies sipped on chai tea lattes and sat around tables basking in the glow of commonalities  We are bloggers and photographers, we’ve battled depression or walked miscarriages, we are pastor’s wives or creative entrepreneurs.  We are living God’s love and embracing the opportunity to share that online.

2016-05-27_0002  2016-05-27_0004   2016-05-27_0007 2016-05-27_00082016-05-27_0005 2016-05-27_00092016-05-27_0006 2016-05-27_0010I was privileged to take part in the (first and not last!) Panel Mixer hosted by A Little Light.  If you are a Christian living out your faith online, you can join the fun and fellowship over at A Little Light.  

I am especially grateful to my chum Laura of Lop & Lore for taking notes for me during the Panel – facilitating the discussion was a blast, but I can’t talk and write at the same time!

Venue: @oldhandcoffee
Sweets: @the_sweet_Baker
Lettering: @ColleenPastoor

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