I went to Spain

Since our international love story started in Africa before we roadtripped from our wedding in North Carolina to our new home in British Columbia, travel has long been part of our lives. At the very least, we’re budgeting each year to be able to visit my family . . . and as time and savings allow, we prioritize non-family travel too. A few years ago John’s job took us to China so checking “Europe” off the continental bucket list was only the natural next step.

When we were first scheming toward Europe (this trip has been in the works for almost three years!), we heard about the Spanish island of Mallorca as a Mediterranean vacation destination. It sounded perfect for the inevitable off-season travel we’d have to do (taking time away in summer is not really a possibility since most of BC’s wedding season is in prime travel season!) so when it came time to book our travels, Mallorca was the obvious choice.

We chose to be on the island for ten days, spending the first half at a beach resort and the second half in a mountain town. If you’re considering a Mallorca holiday, I highly recommend spending most of your time outside the resort towns and main city…instead, hit as many mountain villages as you can fit into your itinerary!

The highlight of the trip was our drive to Sa Colabra for its majestic views, winding roads, and epic coastline. Plus, it’s featured on The Grand Tour so you know its a cool ride.

Yes, John drove that road. Yes, it was a tweensy bit scary. Yes, we loved it a ton.

I made sure to plan a couple “advanced selfie” portrait sessions (learn how I do it here) and these are easily the most epic of my collection!

The second highlight of our trip was the  day we spent walking (hiking?!) from village to village in the coastal mountains. Mallorca has an impressively well designed trail system and hiking on cobblestone paths is pretty epic. The view aren’t bad, either. 😛

I surprised John with a convertible when we picked up our rental car. Best decision ever.

The Jardines de Alfabia was a spontaneous stop but the third highlight of our trip. History, landscaping, AND mountains?! No complaints here!

This photo of us has become my favourite from my trip and the one I might just frame even though it’s “just” taken with my cell phone and is “just” a snapshot from the middle of a hike.

Taken on the last three km of a nineteen kilometer walk/hike on our second-to-last day on a magical island in the middle of the Mediterranean, I love it not only for the olive groves and soft light but because we tackled an impressive hike with gusto and health and the very wrong shoes (in my defense, I thought it would be a shorter day and the first half was more a walk than a hike!).

A mere six hours later we were hit with a tidy little curve ball (as in: sideswiped) and had to (got to?!) to tackle the next set of challenges.


Food poisoning is no joke, but add in the day before you’re supposed to fly around the world and the battles of dehydration and planning and knowing when to cancel? Whew. One hospital stay later, three different flight change fees, and a lot of miming medical conversations with nurses and we finally hit the skies home, a little worse for the wear but very relieved to be going home.

We did it. We tackled unlikely circumstances with gusto and endurance. Just like we walked 19km in Converse.

Now, for the record, if you’re ever considering a vacation and thinking about saving a few bucks by skipping the optional insurance package? Insurance was worth it. The couple pennies we spent on peace on mind paid for itself exponentially.

And if you think it’s just as easy to book your trip without a travel agent? Maybe, but the sanity of having a teammate ally in those insane moments of logistical mayhem was priceless. If you want my specific recommendation, I will happily share.

Marriage isn’t always the lovey dovey selfies you see online, and vacations aren’t just the rosy bliss we hope they’ll be. But sometimes the memories are sweeter when the path is harder.

(P.S. I stood in the middle of a double blind curve for this photo and I’m convinced it was worth it.

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