These Days

Jet lag kept me from sleeping. I rolled over and checked my inoperable cell phone. At least it still tells time. That’s progress.

5:15am. And a few text messages.

Wait. Text messages? Up here?  Apparently Verizon does work outside the country of origin.

I answered the texts. One needed me to make a phone call. Turned on the computer to make the call back to the office. Good thing its three hours time difference. They’re already bustling around the office. Arrangements made, and plans in place, I peeked out the window.

The sun wasn’t quite peeking around the mountain range. But the snow capped majesty was outlined in orange.  North Carolina doesn’t have mountains like these.

I tried to sleep.


Tried again.


Looked at the mountains.

Brilliantly illuminated.

Why sleep?

Time to watch the scenery.

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