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Now that summer is over (and with it the completion of another jet-setting wedding season that comes with my new title as “destination wedding photographer”),  it’s time to reflect on what the summer has held and what that can  mean for the autumn as it begins.

In between all the other excitement and unprecedented adventures, I found some of my fondest memories wedged in the in-between.  In between shooting and editing and publishing and delivering,  I got to sit down in several cozy coffee shops, sip on some version of a Caramel-flavored coffee drink, and talk about this thing I love: photography.

I’ve learned a lot over the years.  A lot of things from a lot of wonderful people.  I’ve learned. And now  I’m privileged to watch others learn.  It was startling, being on the other side of the table.  After so many years of picking brains and begging for photography insight, I was blown away by the fun of  answering for others the same questions I had asked.

We talked about the secrets to a quality portraits. We discussed the mistakes I’ve made while starting out in a photography business. I tried to explain how NOT to make those mistakes.  We brainstormed blogging. We  discussed aperture, shutter speed, ISO.

Basically, we talked and talked and talked and talked.

Don’t get me wrong: I ain’t no expert!  But I did love articulating the journey I have been on and the lessons I have learned along the way. Plus, hanging out with exceptionally cool people and talking shop? Totally the best coffee date ever!

Most of the time, we had so much fun talking and sipping Lattes, there were no photos taken!  (Irony, right?)  But as an exercise in “portraits in unlikely place”, Lindsey and I took fifteen minutes to do a little photoshoot. Isn’t she beautiful?  And so talented, too!

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