Her time in the limelight started strong.  The attention of an entire room was revolving around her sparkling blue eyes and mischievous grin. She loved the attention, but secretly. She enjoyed the spotlight, but not entirely.  It wasn’t right.  Not as right as it *could* be.  Her best friend, her favorite playmate, her most idolized companion was, well, missing out on ALL THE FUN.

Simply disastrous.

Big sister is the one who knows how to tickle juuuust right to make the perfect laugh.
Big sister is the one who brings the favorite toys at just the right time.
Big sister is the one who patiently — o so patiently — plays with the little-one-who-loves-long-hair-and-doesn’t-understand-her-own-strength.
Big sister is the one who is shy unless little sister is having fun, too.
Big sister is the one whose world revolves around the one who came into her world eleven months before.

And little sister adores her. Dearly.


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