Queen’s Park Portrait: Sarah & Joel

Sunshine flitted around the park, laughing at the dancing leaves. She darted from shadow to shadow, leaving happiness  and cheery brightness in her wake. Oh, and the squirrels.  She was mesmerized by the furry-tailed squirrels.  Sunshine isn’t just the unexpected  airy golden nectar of a British Columbia October, she’s also the energetic, furry taled, perfectly-behaved bundle of joy also known as Sarah & Joel’s dog.  Isn’t it a perfect name?

We hung out along the Quay in New Westminster and then meandered over to the abundantly beautiful Queen’s Park of New West just in time to watch the sunshine cast glorious lighting between the branches of the Fir trees, and with plenty of time to play chase-the-squirrel with Sunshine.

Can we take a moment to reflect on how gorgeous Sarah is?  What natural ease in front of the camera and a powerfully beautiful laugh.  And Joel?  Well, he’s not so bad himself.  Especially as he cares so gently for his Sarah and his Sunshine, with the perfect amount of silliness and dry humor.

You guys ROCK, and if I ever get a dog, I’m getting one just like Sunshine, and probably naming her Sunny (or he’ll be Sonny).

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