Langley Hospital Newborn: Jesse

One of my new favorites is the photography of birth date newborns. Not just newborns, but newly born.  Arriving at a hospital room a few hours after birth, watching the parents swooning with sleep-deprived adoration as they stare in awe at that newest resident of Earth,  joining the quiet celebration with a few snaps of a shutter release button, breathing in that precious scrunchy face, and giggling at each waving-like-a-victory-flag tiny hand.

Thanks to my sisters-in-law, I have now had three opportunities this year to visit a newborn babe in the hospital room.  Once right before I was heading to China, another while I was in the hospital (John pushed my wheelchair up two floors to meet my newest nephew – without a camera in hand, unfortunately!), and once while Darbey and Noah were here.

With a camera in hand, I slip open the hospital room door at Langley Hospital and peek around the privacy curtain for that first glimpse of the newborn, but more specifically the family group, happily cuddled together and memorizing features. I let mom & dad ignore me while I relish the moment that they are relishing:  their baby.

For extra fun, I was able to arrive in time for Jesse’s introduction to his big brothers and sisters.  Look at those adoring grins!

Easily my favorite moment came when Danny got to hold his littlest brother for the first time:

After staring in awe for several minutes, trying to grasp the concept of the little man in his arms, the littlest brother he’d waited so long to meet, Danny looked up to grin: “WE HAVE MORE BOYS THAN GIRLS NOW! [Pause] But we can’t ever get a girl kitten now.”

A  few days later, Jesse got his official welcome-to-the-family portrait.

Time sure does fly, right?  Several weeks ago I got to celebrate Jesse’s three-month-birthday with a few photos of he and Mom with the a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. overalls Michelle hand knit for him. Aren’t they fabulous?!

P.S. The timing of those blog is fortuitous: I just finished photographing this same family for their official annual portraits.  Are you going for most photographed family of the year, perhaps?  Michelle?  Is that what it is? 😉

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  1. Aw 😀 These were so fun to see again!! I am kind of addicted to getting my family photographed by you. How can I stop?! You always take completely AMAZING photos! Can’t wait to see the latest! I feel like they may be the greatest 🙂 So excited!

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