Newborn: Oscar [Ten Days Old]

What sort of crazy creature is this?! One who plays with kittens more than puppies and who comes into my house just when my New Best Friend is trying to sleep!?  Cleveland came scampering to the door to check out the stranger who was invading his territory.  She came carrying an odd assortment of bags and smelled…[sniff, sniff]…smelled an awful lot like…could it…no! yes!  oh no! CATS! Unimpressed, Cleveland pattered back to his Oscar and resumed his guard post curled up with the eating baby, a fuzzy tail wagging cautiously in skeptical greeting, still wary.

Cleveland’s life isn’t the only one in transition right now; not only does he have to share Mom & Dad’s attention with a blue-eyed New Best Friend just his size, but that New Best Friend doesn’t really even acknowledge his existence!  He isn’t tossing a ball in the yard yet, he isn’t petting him at the end of a long school day just yet, he isn’t feeding him treats just yet, but – oh yes – he’s the New Best Friend anyway.

If Oscar cries, Cleveland runs to check on him.

If a stranger goes near Oscar, Cleveland goes nearer.

If Oscar sleeps, Cleveland sleeps.

If Oscar wakes, Cleveland wakes.

Hey, Oscar?  You have two of the most fabulous parents who love you too much for words, a doting dog who is already enamored, and a beautiful world to call your own.  You’re a lucky guy, eh?

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