Newborn Photos at Home

These are not your typical newborn photos.  I mean, we have a (sometimes) asleep and (sometimes) awake ten-day-old. Typical. We have doting parents and adoring siblings. Typical.  We have cute props and lovely natural light. Typical.  But these photos are made extra special (and a-typical) because every prop we used used is going to be part of her life and growing up days. Newborn photos at home allow for sentimental, nostalgic pieces of art created to include art from within the home.

A pink scarf? One of her Mom’s favorites.
The red flowers? Part of a bouquet celebrating her birth.
The colored scarf?The same one Mom was wearing in her maternity photos.
The rocking chair? Her Mom’s from childhood.
The doll? Mom’s very first.
The geometric blanket? Cherished household decor.

By creating newborn photos at home, we celebrate not only the welcoming great wide world but also the cozy four walls that make up home. We create art within the walls to then hang onto the walls.  Big brothers could play upstairs until we were ready to welcome their glorious chaos into our quiet retreat.  Dad watched sports (football? hockey? I didn’t look at the TV at all since Ivy stole all my attention!) while we soothed the babe.  Mom sat in her own floral rocking chair to feed Ivy in the interim.

Someday (maybe soon), I’ll have a studio to welcome clientfriends into….but I’ll always be partial to a cozy, relaxed afternoon of newborn photos at home.

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