Marian and Ryan [Idaho Portraits]

When moving to a new place, there is one important concept to master: assimilation. There’s truth to the adage “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.” (Within reason, of course.)

For Marian and Ryan (formerly of Arizona and most recently transplanting from Alabama), their key to success in Idaho is going native. In this case, that means wearing cowboy hats and chatting about cows with the tire salesmen.

Going native: they do it quite quite well.

(And Ryan is going to begin his country music career with this photo. Just saying.)

A couple things I love about Ryan and Marian.

1) They are adorable. (Duh.)

2) They care about other people. (Like taking these pictures: Marian was a leeeetle bit chilly on a February day, and was worried about me…the photographer…wearing a heavy winter jacket. Kindness epitomized.)

3) They’re serving their country. Yup. Both of ’em. Ryan is the one in the military, but as a military wife, Marian has almost as hard a job. I applaud military families. Muchly.

4) They live in a super duper amazingly beautiful (but potentially boring) section of the country, and let me come visit them.

5) They make me listen to country music. And I kind of actually like it. But don’t tell anyone.


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