The Hudson Family


Not so many years ago, it was just the two of them. One plus one equaled two. Two people hanging out and having fun. But then arithmetic changed a bit. Soon one plus one equaled four. A few more years passed, a few things changed in their world, and eventually one plus one equaled seven. By the by, maybe one plus one will equal eight…or nine….or more!  (Don’t kill me, girls. :-P)

Even though the arithmetic has changed, one thing hasn’t: the love.  He loves her, she loves him (see above). They love them all (see below). They ALL love him (how can you not with dimples on such a little guy!). And he loves them all (note the flowers he gave Grandma).

These seven know how to laugh (samples below), they definitely know how to be stylin’ (dude. dddddefinitely.), and – most of all – they truly know how to love.







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