Engaged: Ray and Laura [In The Rain]


She ran toward him, arms flung wide. Giggling, she didn’t even try to dodge the rain drops. Half her heart stood up the path, waiting for her. Patiently. Gently. Happily. He waited for her. Soaking in the rain as gleefully as she basked in his love, she reached his side. Throwing her arms around his neck, she jumped up and down — “we’re getting maaarriiied!!”  It was a squeal, a statement, an exaltation, a promise, a triumph — all rolled into three words and ten syllables. (Count it carefully — all the syllables were fully present.)

Fingers entwined and raindrops falling around them, nothing could dampen their joy. On the contrary. The joy was made full by the fun of the rain. The adventure of it. The perfection of simply playing. Of truly being. Of fully living.

After six years of high school bus rides, band practices, picnics in the woods, creek exploration, long distance relationships, college exams, commuting, Ray and Laura know how to relish each moment and enjoy every single opportunity for fun. Even if it means dancing. In the rain. While singing to each other. In the middle of the woods. Barefoot. On their six year anniversary. With a wedding four months away.


P.S. Ray & Laura’s engagement session to be continued in part 2.

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