Crystal Falls Engagement Photos

I’m not sure these two will ever know how much I cherished their engagement session.  Not only because they were willing to meet for sunrise (!!) and not only because they loved to laugh (at and with me :-P) and not only because of this ridiculously spectacular red skirt (SO GOOD!) but also because this was my very first engagement session after having my daughter!  (It was also my first engagement session after the pandemic shut down, but we won’t spend too much time on that. :-P)

crystal falls engagement session coquitlam (9)

I bought a new pair of Birkenstocks and for two weeks still hadn’t put them on.⁠

Lame, right?⁠

But, see, breaking-in a new pair of Birks is uncomfortable and unfamiliar and (sometimes) discouraging. For example, I broke in my first pair the hard way: on a ten km walk in Tel Aviv along the Mediterranean. The blisters lasted most of my time in Israel.⁠

The point? Sometimes it takes a little hard work to settle into a new groove.⁠

When I photographed this engagement session, it was my FIRST engagement session since my daughter had been born and there’s something seriously life-giving about jumping back into a role that is as comfortable as a worn-in pair of Birkenstocks. ⁠

Motherhood is awesome and all, but its one big learning curve. =) Kind of like wearing a new pair of Birks.⁠

(Does the analogy work? It does in my mind. Maybe not on screen. HELLLPPP???)⁠

crystal falls engagement session coquitlam (9)

SO MUCH JOY! So much love! So much laughter!



I think I wouldn’t pull off the slouchy hat (beanie? touque?) with quite as much panache but someday I am certainly going to try!

And, of course, my new favourite selfie technique: physically distanced and everything. =)


I can’t wait for the amazing wedding day we’re going to celebrate with these two VERY SOON. If their Crystal Falls engagement photos are any indication of how much we’re going to celebrate their wedding, this is going to be on ridiculously awesome party. <3

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