How to Prepare for Maternity Photos

Creating a plan as you prepare for maternity photos can be overwhelming.  The options and possibilities are endless, Pinterest tells a story of perfection and high profile stylists, and the season heading into parenthood is already fraught with decisions, transitions, and adventures.  While we celebrate Cassie and Randall’s growing family (remember their engagement? their wedding? their  anniversary?),  I’m inspired by the way Cassie and Randall did it so well.

Choose a location for your maternity photos that reflects your personality and style.

With the possibilities limited only by the strength of your imagination, choosing a location can be dramatically difficult.    Are you aiming for elegant or playful? Do you want to frolick in the field for playful, cheerful photos?  Or perhaps you’d prefer to relax and let your own home be the showcase as you begin this new season?

But, a suggestion:  don’t choose a location that will require you to do and be something with which you are not comfortable.  A field might require sitting on the ground.  An at-home shoot means you have to embrace the mess or clear the clutter. Wandering through the woods will see you sitting on logs and swatting away branches.  Walking downtown will mean being watched by random strangers.

Cassie and Randall found a unique and diverse location that required limited walking, had a multitude of unique options, and allowed us to showcase their excitement and love without being distracted by the setting.

 Decide whether you want to include props in your maternity photos, and what you are trying to portray with those props.

Don’t bring props just for the sake of bringing props. If you don’t want props, don’t bring props: do not feel like you must embrace a trend that is contrary to your personal style.

But if you are going to have props, make them memorable and personal.  Do you love shoes?  Bringing baby’s first shoes is fitting (like Dayna and Gurneev did!).  Are you excited by baby’s name (and unique spelling!)?  Bringing the personalized, properly spelled pocket knife that you found at the souvenier shop is delightful (Johnnie’s unique spelling comes from his grandfather)!  Has your favorite blanket played a huge part in your relationship and marriage? Bring it along like Meghan and Jason did.


One of the more complex parts of preparing for maternity photos, though, is styling the right outfit.  That’s what we’ll tackle tomorrow with tips from Vanessa at Domestic Sophisticate.


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  1. My advice is to get photos done!! It doesn’t matter if you’re not totally happy with the way you look pregnant… Down the road, I promise you will think you looked beautiful!! 😉

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