Anniversary: Cassie and Randall

Its been more than two years ago now, if that’s possible to believe.  Two years of changes. Two years of giggles. Two years of inside jokes. Two years of unbelievable joy.  Two years since Cassie and Randall celebrated on their wedding day with their family and friends.

Two years ago, life looked different. They had finally finished planning the wedding, they had celebrated with their dearest friends, they were starting their first summer as the newly married Randall and Cassie. Life was beginning the process of settling into a routine and  they had no puppies.

Here they are, delightedly married, still enjoying their dear friends, and  starting their third summer as husband and wife. They’ve become home owners, just finished renovating what is arguably the cutest, most perfectly color-palleted, most refreshing home in all of Kernersville. They’ve added a few puppies to their family.  They’re dreaming beautiful dreams, living a beautiful life.

One puppy climbed in Cassie’s lap, another puppy licked my shoes, Randall helped another puppy over the puppy-gate and into the living room, and two others fought over the chew toy in the  corner. These adorable cuties are unabashedly the favorites in the house – its impossible not to smile at all the fun they are constantly having!

I loved documenting their wedding two years ago. I loved celebrating their anniversary last year. I LOVED being part of their world to celebrate their second anniversary this  year.  They’re  so cute, so in love, and so delighted to spend time with each other.  It’s a beautiful thing.

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