What to Wear for Maternity Photos

Choosing flattering outfits for your maternity photos is no easy feat, but Vanessa of Domestic Sophisticate has navigated three stylish pregnancies with poise and elegance (and has documented it all on her blog!). While we celebrate Jason and Meghan’s growing family (Olive was born three months ago), Vanessa is graciously sharing her expert tips for maternity outfits with us.

Balance out that belly.

Showing off the bump as is fun to do in the second trimester is almost too much by the time the third trimester rolls around. Wearing something tight can be flattering, but draping a cardigan or shrug helps to balance out the bump, which can otherwise take over your look.

 Comfort is key.

With all the discomfort, pains and aches of the third trimester, it is so important that you’re comfortable. Now is the time to switch to maternity clothes if your body type doesn’t allow for anything else. (The benefit of wearing non-maternity clothing as long as you can is that you won’t feel funny wearing these pieces postpartum during the growing out stage – plus, your options in these sizes as opposed to maternity sizes are endless.)

Avoid too much bulk around the neckline.

 By this time in pregnancy, any added bulk around the neckline not only feels uncomfortable, it isn’t always flattering. Necklaces don’t lay right and higher collars can be too warm and claustrophobic. Try to opt for open necklines, embrace bracelets and earrings, and wear necklaces and scarves minimally.

Wear comfortable shoes.

This is hard for some of us to admit, but yes, in the third trimester it becomes increasingly difficult to wear high heels. Not only because of the swelling, but for balance and back pain. Grabbing Converse sneakers, clogs, and flats is fully acceptable and delightful these days!

If you want to be inspired by more of Vanessa’s every-day-fashion as a mother to three, click on over here.

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