Abbotsford Maternity Photos

maternity photos abbotsford

maternity photos abbotsford

On paper, the day of these Abbotsford maternity photos was designed to celebrate motherhood and the glorious anticipation of adding a beautiful new life into this little family of three-almost-four.   In reality, it was a true celebration of family and all the squeals of delight and cuddles of cuteness and stick-your-tongue-out-for-joy that is the everyday delights of little big man and his doting parents.

Despite the looming threat of rain, Annalisa shone with that formidably effervescent glow of her pregnancy, Matt adored his family with a stalwart warrior-poet love,  and Miles scampered from rock to root to rut to grub with a randomness and energy to leave me  exhausted and delighted.

These Abbotsford maternity photos were taken in the quaint downtown of our beloved Abbotsford, in the back alleyways (did you know Abbotsford had back alleyways?) of the quaint downtown, and in celebration of the home that Annalisa and Matt have made here in Abbotsford with their precious little family.

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