How do you describe the coolest person in the world?  I don’t know. Words have failed me.

She’s witty.

She’s beautiful.

She’s goofy.

She’s stylish.

She is athletic.

She is accomplished.

She is cheerful.

She’s the best DJ e.v.e.r.

She could encourage a rock, if she tried.

She is a traveler.

A World Traveler.

She has the coolest sense of humor.

And the beautifulest eyes.

Hers is an unparalleled enthusiasm for life.

And – oh yes – there’s one more fact.

Today…is a big day…

She’s … getting older….

…but not necessarily more mature…

Happiest of Birthdays, Chrissy!

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  1. Chrissy is the best!!! 🙂 love these, so captures her spirit. little drama queen there when a camera comes out, huh Chrissy?

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