Dayna and Gurneev: The Parents

Twelve years ago, they were a couple of students.  Sharpening pencils, groaning over the inevitable pop quiz, whizzing through the whirlwind of classes and friends,  lugging backpacks full of text books and notebooks and study guides.

A lot happens in twelve years.

Instead of school books, they’re carrying a pair of shoes. A little pair of shoes, yes, but a pair of shoes celebrating a new milestone in the journey called life.  It’s only a pair of shoes, yes, but they are so much more: if this season in preparation for their child’s birth is a celebration of the past twelve years, those shoes are a celebration of the next twelve years.

Dayna and Gurneev are celebrating.  Celebrating the love they’ve cultivated ever since they started dating in school. Celebrating the love they already cherish for this child. Celebrating the new phase in their relationship. Celebrating the life they have been honored to nurture. It’s not just a celebration of a baby, it’s a celebration documenting the love of its parents and all the loving, battling, laughing, crying, and journeying that has culminated in a season of anticipation.

A season anticipating new life.

A season anticipating the miles to be walked.

In a new pair of shoes.

P.S. My day with Dayna and Gurneev marked the very beginning of my transplanted life!  The move from North Carolina, U.S.A. to British Columbia, Canada is complete and I’m open for business in the Lower Mainland!

 Want to know why I came to BC? Well, I went to Africa and met a Canadian and became a bride and roadtripped across the continent with my husband. Simple enough, eh?  =)

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  1. What I love about this couple is that in almost every shot HE is looking at HER with a look of total awe! Very jealous of Canada… they now have the BEST photographer in the USA and Canada!

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