Madison and her Sisters

She was a vision  of pink.  Savannah sat on the living room floor proudly showing off her perfectly situated pink headband, sitting daintily in her pink-and-white-striped shirt, and  shyly proud of the sparkles on  the hemline of her jeans.  She played with her pink dollhouse and sang along while the princesses-dressed-in-pink sang their Karaoke.

Natalie hung back,  taking it all in for a moment  before jumping in to sing along with the plastic princesses. Her pink was just as pink, her stripes just as cute, and her sparkles just as shiny, but the hairbow stayed in place a little less consistently.  There is just too much world waiting for exploration; she didn’t want to be bothered by keeping a hair bow in place.

Madison slept in the corner, happily cuddling with Grandma and completely oblivious to the singing, the laughing, the family-ing.  She may not know it yet, but family-ing just wouldn’t be complete without her; those big eyes taking in the world alternating with serenely deep sleep. Her sisters took their time staring with wide-eyed adoration, and loving those cheeks with the sweetest of sisterkisses.

Brad and Stacy stepped back, watching over their girls with amazed love and deep celebration. Not too long ago, they were two youngsters beginning a journey together. A journey of love with a world full of unknowns, a universe of possibilities.

And now they stand together, still The Two but now The Five;  still in love,  but a love overflowing into their daughters.

In celebration of family.
In celebration of together.
In celebration of daughters.
In celebration of each other.
This is their happily ever after.


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