Flower Crown Maternity Photos

I’ve been asked several times recently “do you still do family photos?” because I so rarely show any non-wedding-or-engagement photos on my blog or Instagram or Facebook. But, YES! I love photographing family photos, maternity pictures, lifestyle sessions, headshots and branding photos and have been having the time of my life stepping in to the world of so many amazing people with my camera.   (If you’re interested in seeing the best of my family photos from last year, check them out. Then email me to book your own family photo session!)

Last week, I sweat through my camera bag (not even kidding) to get these glowing photos of Brittany and Kenny as they launch into a new season of life as parents.  I love maternity portrait sessions for the joy and anticipation and  beauty of this season.  Any relationship is filled with milestones (dating, engaged, married) but this transition into parenthood is an extra special commemoration of all that has come before and all that will happen soon.

Add in a beautiful dress, a glorious flower crown, and a glowing mother? The magic definitely compensates for the sweat that was trickling down our backs. 😉 Flower crown maternity photos are now my favorite thing — everyone deserves to wear a flower crown but a beautiful new mother. is especially deserving.

Brittany and Kenny were such troopers and we powerwalked through the heat and mosquitoes to get these photos. Yet they look so calm, eh?

I have created a “How to Prepare for Maternity Photos” guide and a “What to Wear for Maternity Photos” guide and they showed up so perfectly dressed and so relaxed for the fun. Great job, you two [cough] THREE.


I’m pretty sure that Douglas Taylor Park is now my new favorite park. I mean, I’ve explored and photographed here before but somehow this time the light was extra marvelous. (I think I say that every time?) And I wholeheartedly loved every new pocket of glow.

And now for the best of these flower crown maternity photos: Kenny specifically requested this photo. Apparently it has to do with aliens and sci fi and an inside jok with his buddy? I will unabashedly admit that my knowledge of scie fi is limited to the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek so this cultural reference is completely lost on me. 😉

P.S. I shot met up with Bittany and Kenny all packed up for my red-eye flight across the continent and then spent my long, lonely flight previewing their photos. How’s that for a story?! =D

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