Abbotsford Newborn

Not too many years ago, I determined (harshly) and announced (loudly) that I would never do newborn photos.

‘Babies scare me,’ I said.

‘They’re too floppy,’ said I.

‘I won’t be able to do babies justice until I have my own,’ I said.

Marrying into John’s family, though, produced (no pun intended) ample opportunity for practicing my baby skills. As proof of how far I’ve come, my first baby session was 3.5 years ago and I refused to touch the child. Fear? Maybe. Stubbornness? Probably.  Trying not to embarrass myself with the almost-inlaws? Definitely.

During this session (the fifth in forty-one months), I not only held the baby, I also repositioned her to what I wanted for my shot.

Guys.  This is HUGE!

[pats self on back]

It also helps that this is the first baby session I’ve ever shot in an honest-to-goodness portrait studio, that I had new lenses to play with, and that we used props from Spruce Collective and an outfit from Kewe Clothing  via Montrose & George for this Abbotsford newborn session.

And, of course, having an adorable baby sure does help!

And the older siblings? With lots of practice, their modeling careers are rapidly progressing.

And would you check out the foxy outfit (hehe) knitted by Michelle? Talk about TALENT. I’m pretty sure she even created the pattern on her own!

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