Backyard Family Photos

Family is spectacular.  The glory of similar yet different, the power of shared experiences and mutual memories, the variety of personality and yet the similarity of disposition.

Childhood is wondrous. Who better to stop and smell the roses than a child? Who else can make an entire room burst into laughter without saying a word?  When else do we humans happily put on temporary tattoos, wear dresses to match with sister, and carry teddy bears through the back yard proudly?

Parents are the best. Mom knows how to soothe the worst of days, Dad knows how to make anything, Mom & Dad are the first example of love, the epitome of self-sacrifice.

Siblings might be a love-hate relationship, but eventually it’ll be more love than contention and more friendship than mutual tolerance.

Family photos are so much more than smiling at the camera in matching outfits.  Family photos are the moments in between the smiles because isn’t that what family is? 


Over the past five (?!) years (FIVE?! how is that possible??), Michelle & Bryant’s family photos have been at a local park and a city attraction and a playground and the hospital maternity ward.  But just chillaxing, enjoying togetherness and taking backyard family photos?  The best of all the worlds.   The Abbotsford farm backyard was perfection, the girls chose the outfits, we explored like dinosaurs (follow-the-leader, anyone?), the boys found the BIGGEST LEAVES EVER, and we made memories along with photographs.  Booyah. Win. Huzzah!


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