Stanley Park Family Photos

This is love. College sweethearts, life partners, parents of four. Husband and wife. While their four munchkins ran circles around them, while the twins chased squirrels through the park, while the sun set gently behind them, these two gazed into one another’s eyes and relished their togetherness.  And it was perfect.


Perfection lies in the imperfection.

I’ve mused on perfection (and it’s impossibilities) a lot lately.  At my sister’s wedding in its rainy beauty,  in the demise of my camera on a camping trip, in the muscle ache of a 30km hike with a breathtaking view.

Perfection lies in the imperfection.

I’ve decided my perspective is key when facing imperfect circumstances.  Am I going to revel in the joyful celebration of Joanna’s wedding? Or will I focus on the mud-stained hem of my dress and the pair of shoes I ruined?  Will I enjoy the many photos my D300s took for me or will I focus on its untimely death?  Will I refuse to hike to the top of Panorama Ridge just because it’s going to hurt a little lot to stumble through all thirty kilometers?

Perfection lies in the imperfections.

Family photos are one of the most perfectly imperfect specimens of this theory. Not every photo has everyone looking at the camera and smiling; that’s okay.  Not every photo is perfectly in focus because sometimes laughter is more important than crystal clear focusing; that’s okay. Not every family sits perfectly cooperative for their annual portraits; that’s more than okay.  (How boring would that be?!)

These Stanley Park family photos are perfectly imperfect.  We laughed, we climbed, we played, we explored, we grumbled, we complained, we laughed some more. Not every photo is objectively perfect, but they’re perfectly imperfect. Filled with real-ness, giggle-ness, together-ness, happy-ness, family-ness. Basically?  The best-est.



These Stanley Park family photos are the second time I’ve spent time with these four little charmers and their amazing parents.  Last time, we had a solar eclipse and a fluke rainstorm.  This time,  the weather was boringly perfect. 😉


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