Langley Horse Portrait

Over the years, I’ve photographed a variety of animals: a dog as a flower girl, cows in engagement photos, a bride with her horse. cats at Vancouver’s Catfe,  engagement photos with dogs but this evening celebrating Brizio specifically to create a horse portrait was a beautifully wonderful evening. Plus, this corner of Langley’s countryside has one of the best pockets of sunset glow I’ve seen in town.  Take a peek to see what I mean.

I learned a lot about the bond between horse and human during my time with Brizio and Gloria.  The connection that these two share is palpable and their relationship (since before Brizio was born!) is both strong and cherished.  Going into the session, I was admittedly a little nervous: can a non-horsey photographer handle  being around such a beast of a horse?  Yes. Definitely yes.

(I have photographed horses before, remember: but Brizio is larger!)


horse portrait pose

Brizio was part of Gloria’s story even before he was born: they purchased him in utero (is that the right way to say that?) and then got the phone call when he was born — they met him very shortly thereafter.  He’s hers, and she’s his:  friend,companion, family.

sunset horse portrait langley

langley horse portrait

I loved created a these horse portrait memories for Gloria and I will happily/gladly/excited do horse photos for you, too. =D

langley horse portrait session

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