Nathan and Cherise

I would imagine that being in love must be something like dancing in the sunset on the rooftop: soaring high above the mundane lives of everyone else, watching them trod to work, but not really caring about the traffic jam that’s causing stress. The sun is brighter, you’re soaring higher, and you’re on a completely different plain than the rest of the world.

Have you ever tried that? Have you danced on a rooftop with your Love?

Well okay, neither have I.  But Nathan and Cherise have.  And it was magical to watch. (And reminded me of Mary Poppins … when the chimney sweeps did their rooftop dance, right?)

They got married a year ago and, boy o boy, are they in love. And I’m not talking in love. I’m talking IN LOVE. [insert sappy sigh here].  She giggles as he tries to pretend to be a bigshot celebrity, complete with the conceited attitude.  He carries the bag, feeling very out of place in the Metro, but doing it for her. She looks at him, with those big blue eyes…and the whole world knows: she adores him.  And, wow, its a beautiful thing.

But if its not beautiful enough to be floating on cloud nine and dancing on the rooftop, how about a quiet moment on the Metro?  A center of hustle and bustle. A usually chaotic place. Swept silent by the power of two people in their own little world.

(And [cough] a photographer skilled enough to only shoot when other people weren’t in the way. :-P)


(And, Will? The couch from your office that we dragged up the stairs and put on the roof is fine. We promise. You’ll never notice the difference. Except it might be a little less dusty now that we’ve moved it around. But that’s a good thing, right? :-P)

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  1. The metro shots are SO AWESOME! My favorites are the two shots of them standing on the platform: the color is amazing in the first and the whirring train in the second.

  2. Beautiful pics… I really like how you captured the 50s-reporter aspect that Nathan has and the ones in the Metro are wonderful! Great job ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. wow. ok, so I’ll admit your morning shoot provided some serious competition for awesomeness.

    and she called _me_ a sap…

  4. Wow! Those are beautiful!! Thank you for sharing them! (The blue suit Nathan’s wearing is the one his dad wore when we got married 31 years ago day after tomorrow! ๐Ÿ™‚

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