Isaiah: Seven Days Old


Some time after they were engaged, and after they were married, and before they were parents, Meghan & Jason decided on the name of their son. Even before they knew he was going to be a part of the family, and even before they knew it was going to be a he, they had decided.

Isaiah Daniel.

Their son.


It had only been a week since he entered the great bright world. Seven days to watch his face stretch all the new muscles. Seven days to practice his hand-by-the-cheek modeling pose. Seven days to explore the fun of diaper changes and new sleep cycles.  Seven days of admiring his bold red hair. Seven days to stare at his perfect little fingers. Seven days to decide whether his lips look more like Mom or Dad.

Seven days.


He cozied up with Dad, in their favorite corner of the living room. The rocking chair that had fast become theirs. Even in those seven days, they’ve bonded over their time in that special chair. Just the two of them. Father and son. Learning what it means to be together.

Together at 2am.


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  1. Beautiful! The first and last ones are my favorite. Nice Mohawk, Isaiah!! Great pics, jen!! Love the black and white

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