Chilliwack Engagement Photos

chilliwack engagement photos

When I met with Katrina last fall and dreamt of summer sunshine and her mountaintop wedding, we schemed toward a flowery engagement session and hoped against hope for a sunny day in the flowers.

Let me just say: WE GOT IT!

Their Chilliwack engagement photos were ripe with perfect buds (anyone know what the flowering tree is? magnolia?) and adorable pups and utterly perfect blue hour with the mountains and the Chilliwack river and all the other beautiful things that make my heart go pitter patter.

And those eyes!!! ALL FOUR OF THEM! So fantastically perfect. Way to be beautiful, you two!

chilliwack engagement photos

This reminds me of the time I photographed a cherry blossom engagement session. I think I might like the magnolia blossom even more!


I’m pretty sure she likes him….and the feeling is obviously mutual.  chilliwack engagement photos

Did I mention the mountain backdrop? Dude, I love Chilliwack engagement photos!

chilliwack engagement photos chilliwack engagement photos

A cozy end to our time together meant I just basically died and went to heaven.
“Let’s cuddle on the beach,” she said.
“Let’s be adorably in love,” he said.

“Okay, I’m happy now,” I said.

(All words are a fictional representation of my joy. :-P)

I loved spending an evening exploring with these two for their Chilliwack engagement photos. If you’d like to schedule a photo session with me, I will LOVE to celebrate your love and explore something beautiful with you. Email me to learn more!

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