Snowy Photo Session

The only photo that you really need to see from this snowy photo session is this first one: if this isn’t the most magical snowy portrait you’ve ever seen, I want to know what could possibly be better! 😉 Nadia and Connor were married this summer on one of the hottest days we had here in the greater Vancouver area (or, at least, it felt like it was hottest while I watched the groomsmen squirm in their suits in the sunshine!) so the irony is not lost on me: these photos were taken on one of the coldest days of the year.

BUT! During the process of hanging out this summer, we realized that we’re basically neighbors in our little ‘burb so when it started snowing, I begged them to brave the snow and join me for some photos. BEST decision!

Connor was cold (far cry from the heat of a suitcoat, right?!) and Nadia pretended not to be (way to be a trooper, girl!) and I kept everyone entertaind with all my gleeful squeals. Between the snow flakes, the snowcaked Jeep, their enthusiastic love of each other, and the glow of streetlamps: this was everything I wanted from a snowy photo session!

snowy photo session in Langley

If you’re thinking about shooting in the cold, remember a few things:

  • Camera gear and melting snow don’t go together. I was only shooting for thirty minutes and the last few photos definitely have some water smudge on my lens. Protect as much as possible but shooting with reliable, well-encased gear is the bomb.
  • Keep a spare battery in a pocket close to your body. Just in case the battery freezes, then, you have a spare to keep yourself going if necessary.
  • Have hot pockets on hand for in between shots.
  • Don’t go in and out from the heat; the glass will fog and you’ll be stuck in the cold waiting for it to defog.
  • Layer, layer, layer.snow day photo session
    how to photograph in the cold

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