2012: My Year with [Engaged] Friends

Two years ago, I was hosting my freshly minted boyfriend from Canada so I didn’t work too hard to publish a year in review.

One year ago, I was in Vietnam shooting the wedding of Ben and Hien a few  days after the boyfriend became the fiance so I didn’t publish a year in review.

This year, I decided there’s no excuse: I’m publishing a year in review!  (And, if I do it right, I will publish two. We’ll see, though. No promises.)

Looking back over the past twelve months, I can’t begin to articulate the overwhelming honor it is to realize how many treasured celebrations and exciting adventures I have been privileged to witness. We frolicked with  cows, danced in the rain, canoed at dawn, danced at midnight, hiked a blustery mountain.  We walked the park that witnessed both the breakup and the engagement. We played softball, like you always do on a summer’s evening.  We avoided the stampeding herd while navigating the multitude of cowpies.  We shivered in the cold. We swatted away mosquitos and wiped away sweat.

We created memories.

Lots of memories.

We relived memories.

In photo and story and life.

You are more than my clients, you are my friends. Thank you for letting me be part of your life’s adventure.





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